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WordPress professional, creative tinkerer, and general geek.
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Who Am I?

Hello! My name is Elleson Butler (the 'S' is for Stacey, but most people know me by my middle name). I recently moved to San Antonio, Texas but have spent most of my life in Maine's Mid-Coast region. I studied New Media at The University of Maine with minors in Studio Arts and Computer Science. I'm a creative professional with a specialization in WordPress sites. In my free time I like to geek out on game design, theme park & roller coaster history (and riding them!), animation, and hanging out with my dog, Dozer.

What I do.

These days I primarily work on WordPress sites. I've worn many different hats through my experience, including but not limited to:

  • Customizing site designs and themes
  • Building sites from scratch using page builders like Divi
  • Routine site administration and account management
  • Integrating and maintaining e-commerce solutions such as WooCommerce
  • Establishing domain names and configuring DNS for email and websites
  • Managing mailing lists and campaigns on platforms like MailChimp

I like to be able to help clients with whatever they need and always enjoy learning something new—so if you need something I don't know yet, I'm happy to learn it!

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My Work In The Wild

Here is a collection of sites I've built and deployed during my time at Adventure Advertising in Rockport, Maine. While working for them, I was their sole "Web Guy"—responsible for site design, development, deployments & DNS configurations, user management, client technical support, along with any other odd-jobs related to the web.

Screenshot of Megunticook 50's website

Megunticook 50 & Wicked Tough 10 Trail Races

Two demanding trail races over the coastal foothills of Camden, Maine

The Challenge

After running the trails of Camden Hills State Park for over a decade, ultra-marathon runner David Hirschfeld wanted to organize a major event to celebrate and showcase the rugged beauty of the area. He was hoping to bring fellow runners in from around the country, giving a boost to the local economy in the process. Once the planning was finalized and he got the green-light from park officials, he needed a website for marketing. By this point it was February 2020 (the race was slated for September), so he requested it as soon as possible to start drumming up interest.

The Solution

I immediately got to work on putting together a design that was both neat and easily readable, but could still communicate the roughness of the area and event. Within a week he had the first draft and, after some basic revisions, we had the site live and in the public eye by the end of the second week. Despite occurring during the height of the pandemic, approximately 130 runners took to the trails during the inaugural race day.

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Rising Star Piano Studio

Private piano lessons in Camden, Maine

The Challenge

The instructor of Rising Star decided she wanted to upgrade the website she'd made for herself on WordPress.com's free plan. This included a revamped design and a new host where she could use her own domain name. She also wanted a secure area to share the student schedule and other student-specific info, as she'd just been posting a PDF on her site thus far.

The Solution

The project unfortunately didn't have the budget for a full access control system, so we compromised by setting up a password-protected student dashboard page which she could set and change the master password for at her convenience. This provided a secure area for her to post the lesson schedule and outline student policies.

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Screenshot of Rising Start Piano Studio's website
Screenshot of Seasons Downeast Designs' website

Seasons Downeast Designs

Custom-made floral arrangements & gardening supplies in Rockport, Maine

The Challenge

When it came time to migrate this website from the Adobe Business Catalyst platform over to WordPress, the owner also wanted to give the design a facelift. She was looking for something bold that focused on photos of their work and requested a vertical menu on desktops. She also wanted a way to accept orders for custom arrangements and event inquiries.

The Solution

A system for accepting custom orders like theirs in WooCommerce was outside of their budget and they also felt it might be too rigid, as pricing can vary quite a bit. We instead agreed to set up some forms with the Caldera Forms plugin using conditional logic to place order requests. They could then respond to the requests personally to confirm details and accept payments. With a little CSS-trickery I also set up their vertical menu (this was a couple months before Divi included that as a built-in option). They ended up loving the site and the time they were saving by confirming order requests as opposed to fielding them all over the phone.

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Hazel's Take-Out

Raising the Bar on Fast Food

The Challenge

I was thrilled to hear I'd be building a site for Hazel's, they're one of my favorite local spots! After investing in an online ordering system on Cake.net, they decided they also wanted their own website - however their budget was quite limited at that point.

The Solution

I put together this streamlined, single-page layout for them where customers can check their location, contact info, and access a more convenient menu layout before following links to the online ordering platform.

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Screenshot of Hazel's Take-out website

Contact Me.

If you're looking for a WordPress Professional—or just want to say hi—I'd love to talk! Use this form to drop me a line.

Of all the life skills available to us, communication is perhaps the most empowering.
—Bret Morrison
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